Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Guest #68, your order is ready.

Rating: 6.4/10

Burger - This burger was almost as close to perfect tasting as you could possibly get. I think the slightly imperfect lettuce marred it a bit. The lettuce also marred the presentation but I very much liked the way the cheese and meat combination was clearly visible. I took a nice big bite out of that side to start with. Texture wise once again the lettuce gets in the way. Just in general the texture was all over the place with extra hard lettuce and some mushy bun. However, In-N-Out has been on fire when it comes to taste.

Taste - 1.9 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.2 (out of 2)
Presentation - .8 (out of 1)

Fries - I noticed that last time I said it is hard to make bad In-N-Out fries. They proved me wrong. I think these were the absolute worst fries I have had at In-N-Out. They were extremely bland tasting. Remember, I don't fault for lack of salt anymore so this was just tasteless in general. But that's better than outright tasting bad so you still get some score there. Texture wise they were hard and dry. Not like nice and crispy hard like a potato chip or something. Just like, really stale bread.

Taste - 1 (out of 2)
Texture - .5 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - It was Diet Coke alright.

1 (out of 1)

So it's been almost a year since my last new number. It was seven days away from being a year when I got this last week. Hopefully the next year picks up the pace a bit. I'll be updating the grid and maybe making it somewhat better in the near future. If my memory is right, I have 11 or 12 numbers left. Don't know what I'll do for #69 yet. Was thinking about asking them if there is any way their registers will allow them to force it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Guest #70, your order is ready.

Rating: 7.9/10

Burger - Very good burger. Lots of lettuce, good distribution of ingredients for the most part. Texture was spot on and the taste about just about everything you want from an In-N-Out Burger. One of the problems with going so often is that I no longer know if a burger can ever be "perfect". I wonder if it's due to them just being so good in general that it would have to take something phenomenal to make me think "wow, this is better than ever". That said, I was very close to marking this completely perfect.

Taste - 2 (out of 2)
Texture - 2 (out of 2)
Presentation - .9 (out of 1)

Fries - Unlike the burger, the fries were not all that great on this visit. Still good, as it's hard to make bad In-N-Out fries, but the taste didn't come out all that much and the texture was one of the worst in recent memory. They were hard without being crispy. They weren't even well done they were just very solid. It was strange.

Taste - 1.3 (out of 2)
Texture - .7 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - Yay

1 (out of 1)

There is actually another note about the burger that I'm not including in the actual review. I got grilled onions on the side and tried a couple of bites with them. I have to so I don't think they really added much, so I'm not about to change my order after all these years. Also, sometimes the edges of the burger can be a bit crispy or charred. They are really good when that happens!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Guest #95, your order is ready.

Rating: 9.15/10

Burger - Probably one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life. I ordered a mustard fried cheeseburger with no onions or pickles. There were very few things wrong with this burger. Texture wise the bun was a bit too toasted for my liking but I'm not docking too much from that score as I only noticed in a few bites. Also, this did not detract from the taste at all and I think flavor wise the burger was perfect. Presentation was pretty good other than the burger being lopsided (sometimes I feel this is intentional) and the lettuce being centered almost on the middle third of the burger.

Taste - 2 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.8 (out of 2)
Presentation - .9 (out of 1)

Fries - Normally I don't like the more well done fries. They came out slightly more done than I am used to but it worked this time. Mostly because despite being cooked more they weren't too hard, just less flimsy. And that's a good thing as often the only mark on In-N-Out fries are when they seem under done. Still, there were some extra crispy and dry fries, hence the drop in score.

Taste - 1.7 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.75 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - Nothing to be said here. As mentioned before I almost want to change the scoring system to account for the fact that the soda is perfectly fine 90% of the time. But probably too late for that.

1 (out of 1)

It was the first time my daughter has been to In-N-Out Burger in a long time and she actually ate some of her food! Admittedly it was probably only like one third of a cheeseburger and some french fries. And she loved the birds that were flying around and tried to boss them around by telling them to get down from places. She's awesome.

And a special shout out to Anthony Bourdain (@Bourdain) as I happened to go to In-N-Out on the same day I watched his recent related video.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guest #69, will your order ever be ready?

The list is dwindling down. The only three number block left is 68, 69, and 70. However, I was informed this past week that In-N-Out Burger no longer uses #69. I think the reasons are probably obvious and I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about it.

On one hand, it means there is one less number for my to get. But on the other hand, it means there will always be this empty spot in my list of numbers. Do I seek out the elusive #69 at maybe some random In-N-Out Burger place that never got the memo? Do I ask my local In-N-Out Burger to specially give me that number? Or do I just roll with it and never get #69?

Thanks to @BenHBailey for giving me this info. A quick Google search did confirm it. The last evidence of the number I could find was around 2009/2010.

Guest #39, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.85/10

Burger - Fantastic burger this time around. Sure I got an extra tomato like always and sure the presentation isn't amazing but flavor wise it was basically perfect. As a matter of fact I think I'm going to rate it perfect on taste. Texture was up there as well, but with one downside. The end of the burger was soggy, which is something of a rarity for In-N-Out. I don't think the presentation was bad, but it certainly wasn't great either.

Taste - 2 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.8 (out of 2)
Presentation - .75 (out of 1)

Fries - This order was hit or miss. While last time might have been the first bad order of fries in a while, this was quite good (once my salt was added) in flavor. As for the texture, they were inconsistent. The beginning of the fries were really close to how I like my french fries. But as I got to the bottom they started to be more dry and hard.

Taste - 1.7 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.6 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - Once again there wasn't anything bad here. If I hadn't already reviewed everything including the Diet Coke, I'd think about changing my review system to only account for the burger and fries. But I guess it's a little too late for that.

1 (out of 1)

It's been warm outside and as mentioned last time the tables get super hot. Luckily it was only two of us this time and it was easy enough to find a place inside for maximum coolness.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Updated remaining numbers!

So I just made a new post (see below or and somebody requested I update the "matrix" that I've made a horrible rendition of. So I did. Someday I will do this up with maybe thumbnails of the entry/image and links to the reviews. That'll be fancy and awesome. Anyways, here is the updated matrix of numbers I have and do not have.

Guest #79, your order is ready.

Rating: 7.15/10

Burger - This is probably the first burger I've had from In-N-Out that had onions on it. Bear in mind that I did not order these onions. They were grilled onions and it seems that a few of them contaminated my burger as only about half of the burger had them and it wasn't a lot. But the onion flavor was definitely noticed. I wouldn't say it was an awful flavor, but I don't know if I could have an entire burger with that flavor throughout. All in all though I don't think it threw off the flavor too much, so still decent marks there. So the onions have an impact on taste and presentation (as some were visible on the outside of the patty). No texture impact from the onions and the texture overall was just average. The bun was a bit more toasted than I prefer. Presentation overall was not that great. It looks kind of thrown together and less streamlined than usual.

Taste - 1.5 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.5 (out of 2)
Presentation - .4 (out of 1)

Fries - After a string of fantastic french fries from In-N-Out all summer long, they finally hit a bad patch. I think they might have been slightly over cooked as they were a bit dry. And even though I add salt myself, they tasted pretty bland this time around. If I graded for presentation it'd probably get a perfect score there!

Taste - 1.25 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.5 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - Nothing negative that I can think about this time around

1 (out of 1)

The tables at my usual In-N-Out Burger location are seemingly breaking down. They sit in the sun all day long and this summer they have been (or at least in our minds) much hotter than usual summers. It literally hurts your butt sitting on the seats of the tables outside. And you can't rest your hands or elbows on the tables without burning them. This was in only 80 ish degree weather too! They should get new tables or put an umbrella at every table that is outside.