Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guest #69, will your order ever be ready?

The list is dwindling down. The only three number block left is 68, 69, and 70. However, I was informed this past week that In-N-Out Burger no longer uses #69. I think the reasons are probably obvious and I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about it.

On one hand, it means there is one less number for my to get. But on the other hand, it means there will always be this empty spot in my list of numbers. Do I seek out the elusive #69 at maybe some random In-N-Out Burger place that never got the memo? Do I ask my local In-N-Out Burger to specially give me that number? Or do I just roll with it and never get #69?

Thanks to @BenHBailey for giving me this info. A quick Google search did confirm it. The last evidence of the number I could find was around 2009/2010.

Guest #39, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.85/10

Burger - Fantastic burger this time around. Sure I got an extra tomato like always and sure the presentation isn't amazing but flavor wise it was basically perfect. As a matter of fact I think I'm going to rate it perfect on taste. Texture was up there as well, but with one downside. The end of the burger was soggy, which is something of a rarity for In-N-Out. I don't think the presentation was bad, but it certainly wasn't great either.

Taste - 2 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.8 (out of 2)
Presentation - .75 (out of 1)

Fries - This order was hit or miss. While last time might have been the first bad order of fries in a while, this was quite good (once my salt was added) in flavor. As for the texture, they were inconsistent. The beginning of the fries were really close to how I like my french fries. But as I got to the bottom they started to be more dry and hard.

Taste - 1.7 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.6 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - Once again there wasn't anything bad here. If I hadn't already reviewed everything including the Diet Coke, I'd think about changing my review system to only account for the burger and fries. But I guess it's a little too late for that.

1 (out of 1)

It's been warm outside and as mentioned last time the tables get super hot. Luckily it was only two of us this time and it was easy enough to find a place inside for maximum coolness.