Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest #32, your order is ready.

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

Wow, totally forgot to write this over the weekend. Good thing I actually remember most everything about the meal. Unfortunately though there was nothing of interest outside of the meal, so this will just be a food review.

Burger - I tried something new again, but nothing as extreme as a double-double. This time I got extra lettuce and it was totally worth it. One of the problems I find w/ In-N-Out is the inconsistency with the lettuce proportions. Getting too little lettuce makes the burger just take like ground beef and american cheese, or sometime like a grilled cheese. So yeah this was really good but next time I will make sure to go back to mustard fried as well. I kind of got used to that slight mustard taste and found myself missing it. Texture wise everything was pretty good. Nothing was over cooked or soggy. Almost perfect. Presentation could have used some work though. The lettuce was put on sloppily so I had to adjust its position multiple times and there were a few bites that seemed to be more on the meat and cheese side of the ratio than everything else. But otherwise a really good burger.

Taste - 1.65 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.8 (out of 2)
Presentation - .7 (out of 1)

Fries - Sadly the fries didn't live up to the burger. Actually the taste was pretty good but offset by the lack of seasoning and the fact that weren't nearly done enough. None of the full fries were crispy at all and I had to eat some of those really small pieces just to get some crunch.

Taste - 1.65 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.4 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - 1 (out of 1)

One thing I will say is that I am thinking about removing the proper amount of S&P on the fries as part of the criteria. The reasoning is that in all the times I've been doing this I think there has only been a perfect amount once or twice. It's so rare that using it as part of the judgement is likely to end up with never getting anywhere near a overall perfect score for the meal.