Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh you annoy me.

Usually I don't feel compelled to write about the duplicates, only mention them in brief. However, the two most recent visits for me have been duplicates. Looks like my long run has simply dried up and now it will seem amazing next I get another original. So why do I feel the need to write about these duplicates? Well, I'll let you know...

#75 duplicate. If this were an original at the usual location, it might have been rated near the bottom of my list. The points of interest that stand out from this visit? Well, it was my first visit to the location I went to (San Marcos). I had high hopes for this location, but alas they disappointed me. Outside of that it was the first time I used a gift card. See, I got a gift card from a friend last Christmas and forgot I had some remaining money on it, so $1.51 was paid for by gift card. On that note, Xmas this year brought a new gift card, so it won't be the last time that payment method is used.

#62 duplicate on the other hand was the opposite end of the spectrum. At the usual Carlsbad location, but this was one of the best meals I've had at In-N-Out Burger in a few weeks. Probably due in part because the bun was not toasted on the grill, so that helps. The fries were also near perfectly cooked. Anyways, it could have been a 9.0 or better had the # been original. Another interesting thing? I got my order to go and sat outside because it was really busy inside. Oh yeah, it was raining all morning, still really cloudy, and the tables were soaking wet. But I wasn't about to take In-N-Out into my new car yet so outside it was. Lastly, while in line two people who did not know each other decided to have a conversation about Montana. Not that I would normally care, but I was in between them! I almost told the guy behind me to just cut so he could talk to her without having to talk through me. I also forgot to use my new gift card! Oh well.

Better luck next time I hope.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Guest #52, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.5/10

Wow, has it really been one day short of a month since the last entry? Well, I did only go one other time since then I think, and that was a duplicate, but more on that later.

Unfortunately it was a "cold" day and we were sitting outside, so food getting cold quick means lower score simply because it doesn't taste as good. Oh well. The fries were hit and miss, some were great texture while others were too stiff. The burger was pretty good, except towards the end when it was just bun. And the soda...well it was Diet Coke. Also, this is one of the very few times when there was only one tomato slice on my burger, so less work for me.

Interesting thing is that my last # was a duplicate, and that was #53. I was so very close to getting the same duplicate 2 times in a row. So close in fact that it was my co-worker who ended up getting #53. That would have been a crazy occurrence had I gotten it.

Fun fact, #52 through #56 is my longest sequential group of numbers at the moment. Edging out #61 through #64.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another dupe...

Went to get an In-N-Out Burger for the first time in like 2.5 weeks yesterday. I'm pretty sure that is the longest I have gone without going since I started this whole thing. So why the long wait? I wasn't pressuring myself to go like I have been, usually wanting to get posts for this blog so I can have something to update on. I felt like when I was forcing myself to go at least once a week that it was taking away from my actual enjoyment of the meal. This time, I just waited until I wanted to go. At one point last week I planned on going but a co-worker suggested we go to this build your own burger place called The Counter. Overall I liked it, except one major issue. If you read the intro to the site you would know I like thin fast food style patties, not a lot of meat basically. This place had nothing smaller than 1/3 lb for their patty, so there was a decent amount of meat. But it gave me a chance to mix it up with some cheddar and some bacon. Also got the standard lettuce, tomato and mayo. I'll go to The Counter again, but probably get chicken instead. A chicken with bacon, cheddar and chipotle mayo sandwich would be something nice to have every now and then. Or maybe I go and get a burger with an egg and bacon and chili? Or something else outlandish.

Anyways, back to In-N-Out. This was a duplicate, #53, but it was very enjoyable. Having not been in so long I was actually excited to go. I won't get into a full review but will say that I think a consistent issue for me at In-N-Out is them grilling the bun or whatever they do. I like my bun to be soft, and the hard edges just ruins it for me sometimes. I am going to start asking for my bun not to be grilled/whatever from now on.

'Til next time...