Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guest #55, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.5/10

Happy Birthday to my wife! Dinner was In-N-Out on the beach, oddly enough at her request. So yeah, that equals one pretty funny/cool picture of my meal chillin' on the beach. Plus the streak continues (now at 23), but more and more I'm getting numbers that are right next to ones I already have. So someday soon a legit duplicate will happen. And yes I know I am posting this a day after the actual trip.

The meal...so as is the case lately the fries were nicely cooked but not seasoned hardly at all. The burger was pretty much perfect. But unfortunately it was hard to judge it 100% accurately because of being on the beach. Why does that matter? Because it's like 60 degrees at the beach so all the food got cold much quicker. Still, the score is respectable.

So, interesting notes are quite different given that we ate at the beach. But one thing about In-N-Out is that they use a LOT of cheese. We basically watched the cooking line for 10 minutes, not much interesting going on.

I'll just ramble some beach notes: there was a kid (possibly visible in the picture) just going crazy in the wayer; Venus was very visible in the sky once it got darker; the water is actually not too cold; and lastly there are these small hilarious birds that run in and out with the waves as they come up the sand. I almost took a video, but it was too dark at that point.

'Til next time...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guest #98, your order is ready.

Rating: 9/10

Today there is two very clear cut reasons why this burger and fries were not perfect. First, I'd just like to say I think this is probably the best looking meal I've had since starting. Just look at that burger! Anyways, sometimes you get ingredients on the burger that don't "align" properly and you end up with some extra bun leftover but nothing else to eat it with. That happened today, otherwise the burger was great! I just wish I didn't end up with ~2 bites worth of bun that I didn't eat. The first were done almost perfectly but lacking on the salt and pepper. Not sure what's going on with the fries lately, but they've been on a streak of being perfectly cooked with great texture but lacking on the S&P. It's a shame too cause that perfect amount of S&P can lead to the best of meals, like #44 was.

And today I sat inside and actually have some good interesting notes. First, at the table to my left there was a little girl, no more than 3 years old, who just kept looking at me with her bright blue eyes. And she wouldn't let her mom help her with her drink. So that was entertaining. But the real interesting note is that out of nowhere the entire staff of In-N-Out busted out in the actual "Happy Birthday To You" song directed at another employee. Considering this is the lunch rush so about 10-12 people are working, they were fairly loud.

I guess I should sit inside more often. I almost sat outside but as I was walking out to the table same chick sat down at it. But hey, led to having an actually interest note this time so it all works out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest #5, your order is ready.

Rating: 9/10

I rated this one off instinct without thinking too much about it. This is actually going to be short because there was such little wrong with it. The fries had little to no salt and pepper on them, otherwise they were perfect. And yes I added my own S&P but remember I rate based on how I receive the meal. The burger, nothing wrong with it. The only reason this isn't a 9.5 is because while the burger had nothing wrong, it didn't have that next level of "perfect". You know, like the difference between a good steak but another one that might have the same texture, spices, be of the same cut, etc but just tastes better? This burger was the first of those, it was good, great even, it just didn't make that jump to next level.

Ok so this apparently wasn't that short, I lied. But what can I say about the visit? If you couldn't tell, it was outside seating. And that means nothing of interest most times. This was definitely one of those times. I have been failing miserably at getting interesting things in recent visits. How bout this...it's the first photo taken in the sunlight!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Going on 5 days...

So, not really that long but it really is mostly due to choice. I'm not getting tired of In-N-Out by any means, but I did have it like 5 times in 12 days. Pretty frequently for a bit there so I made a conscious decision to not have it during the end of this week.

On that note, I'll be back within only a few more days! Let's go #1!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special In-N-Out post.

Somehow I forgot to post this on the blog the other day. Apologies for that and I will make up for it somehow.

Thursday night I decided I wanted to finally try an In-N-Out shake, as oddly enough I've never had their shake. So we stopped and decided to go in an get a #.

Turns out that was a mistake. As the first "official" duplicate # is now 29. Not sure if it should be counted. I took it as a
sign that I should never have an In-N-Out shake again (not to mention I wasn't impressed).

Guest #97, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.75/10

Pretty good meal today, the fries were especially good. Their texture and color were perfect and only some light additional salt and pepper had to be added by myself. The burger was mostly perfect as well. I probably needed a bit more lettuce though. There were two tomato slices on the burger, but both weren't very good slices so I didn't take one off like I usually do. Not sure if that ended up being a good idea or not.

As this was another outside sitting visit there isn't many things of interest that happened. The most entertaining, and frustrating, thing was when the group I was with and myself were waiting for a table and standing right next to one about to open, some older lady (probably late 50s, early 60s) snuck in like a ninja and stole the spot.

Also, there were 5 of us that went today and I just had to be in a hurry and go first. Given I was #97 that means my friends had #99 and #1. Ugh.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guest #34, your order is ready.

Rating: 8/10

Surprise! Back so soon. Before we get to the breakdown I'd like to say that eating In-N-Out Burger so soon after last time was not intended. I was reading about Five Guys being in Arizona and thinking about trying them (get a taste of the competition and all). Then I started reading some reviews and so many of them were negative. But reading all of this talk of burgers and fries made me crave In-N-Out. So yeah, you get another update!

Now, the only reason this gets as high as 8 is because the burger was mostly perfect. I've had bad luck with fries recently, as these are again overcooked and seemed to have many that were edges of the potato. Texture on the fries was also not how I like it. The drink was par for the course.

There wasn't much of a chance to get something for an interesting note because this was an actual take out order. I believe this is the first time since starting the adventure in which I ordered "to go" with the intention of actually taking it back to a house.

Lastly, this is not the special In-N-Out update. I would have likely posted that tonight but will instead hold off until tomorrow when I get back into San Diego. I don't really like to double post in a single night, gotta give each In-N-Out trip/post it's own special time, right?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Guest #2, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.25/10

The score isn't higher more due to user error than anything. I wasn't feeling all that great and wasn't THAT hungry but due to scheduling of things throughout the day it made most sense to eat when I did. Most of the fries were cooked just right , but more than usual were overdone. I also had to add my own salt. The burger I honestly can't find anything negative to say about it. And lastly, the Diet Coke was not perfect. I mean if rated by itself sure it would have been a 9.5/10 but even the slightest bit of difference from the usual taste means a different tasting meal.

A number of interesting notes about this visit. It was the first one in Arizona. The first one that I went with a family member other than my wife. And...it was freakin' number 2! I actually sighed and said to the cashier "#2...you couldn't give me #1?" So close, but there is always next time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guest #50, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.25/10

Had the potential to be great, but unfortunately a bun with hard edges the entire way around can really drop a score. The fries were pretty much perfectly cooked, but I did add some salt and pepper to them. Some people wonder why I try and find so many negative things to comment on...and if you look at how short this paragraph is you will now know.

So first off, it was really windy outside and I believe this is the first time I've had to hold the receipt when taking the picture. Second, it was oddly not busy and we arrived at like 12:10, just the time when it's normally hectic. We got a shady table outside during prime lunchtime hour, it was a great day at In-N-Out Burger.