Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest #79, your order is ready.

Rating: 7.15/10

Burger - This is probably the first burger I've had from In-N-Out that had onions on it. Bear in mind that I did not order these onions. They were grilled onions and it seems that a few of them contaminated my burger as only about half of the burger had them and it wasn't a lot. But the onion flavor was definitely noticed. I wouldn't say it was an awful flavor, but I don't know if I could have an entire burger with that flavor throughout. All in all though I don't think it threw off the flavor too much, so still decent marks there. So the onions have an impact on taste and presentation (as some were visible on the outside of the patty). No texture impact from the onions and the texture overall was just average. The bun was a bit more toasted than I prefer. Presentation overall was not that great. It looks kind of thrown together and less streamlined than usual.

Taste - 1.5 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.5 (out of 2)
Presentation - .4 (out of 1)

Fries - After a string of fantastic french fries from In-N-Out all summer long, they finally hit a bad patch. I think they might have been slightly over cooked as they were a bit dry. And even though I add salt myself, they tasted pretty bland this time around. If I graded for presentation it'd probably get a perfect score there!

Taste - 1.25 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.5 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - Nothing negative that I can think about this time around

1 (out of 1)

The tables at my usual In-N-Out Burger location are seemingly breaking down. They sit in the sun all day long and this summer they have been (or at least in our minds) much hotter than usual summers. It literally hurts your butt sitting on the seats of the tables outside. And you can't rest your hands or elbows on the tables without burning them. This was in only 80 ish degree weather too! They should get new tables or put an umbrella at every table that is outside.

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