Friday, September 10, 2010

Guest #20, your order is ready.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10

So I'm not going to call these ratings out up top, but I really wanted to rate the burger and fries separately this time. The fries were some of the worst fries I've had at In-N-Out in a while. Of course that's relative to In-N-Out fries, so on a whole they were still good. Needed heavy seasoning. The burger on the other hand was mostly perfect, with the exception of one bite I took that tasted like just hamburger patty. Luckily it was just that one bit, but it was definitely strange.

Now, I have a few points of interest (strange how I've never come up with a consensus name to call these blurbs), but none that are really about observing specific people. First, this was the slowest I've seen this In-N-Out when I walked in. 4 empty tables, all but one stool was empty. Of course by the time I left it was business as usual. Second, I actually dumped my soda out and got it from another fountain cause it tasted so bad (I believe In-N-Out has 4 spouts for Diet Coke).

This makes 25 visits with 25 original numbers! As of tomorrow it will have been 4 months since starting this adventure. That means I visit In-N-Out roughly 6 times a month. Or once every 5 days. At this rate I would be able to complete the challenge in 1 more year. Mathematically though that is HIGHLY unlikely.

Go Bills! Yes I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills and today marks the start of the season while 3 days from now the Bills will start 1-0 after they squish the fish.

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