Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guest #64, your order is ready.

Rating: 9/10

No major reason why this wasn't perfect (will there EVER be a 10/10?), but just a minor issue with each of the 3 parts. While it's rare, sometimes the Diet Coke doesn't taste 100% normal. Today was one of those days. The burger was all around great, but unfortunately the meat was off center and I ended up with 1-2 bites of bun leftover. Yes, I am docking points for that. Lastly, the fries were so close to perfect. They just needed to be cooked slightly longer to get a bit more crispy as they were a little soggy/mushy. As a whole, best In-N-Out trip in weeks, flavor wise.

Overall trip wise it was great as well. As slow, if not slower than last week. Slow however means less chances of interesting things to witness. So my only tidbit for the day is that I didn't make a point to go ahead of either of my co-workers. Good thing to, as had I done so I would have ended up with #63 which would have been a duplicate.

Any wagers on how many more visits until a duplicate happens?

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