Sunday, February 20, 2011

#54, another dupe...BUT WAIT

Special Ultra Deluxe Duplicate Review (dedicated to my sister in law)

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Notice anything about the burger? Well, other than the meat missing (it is actually in there somewhere). For the first time in history I tried my burger "Protein Style". For the people who don't know what this is, it's just replacing the bun with lettuce. So then how did I like it?

Let's get everything else out of the way. The fries were pretty much cooked just right, but like almost always needed some S&P. The drink was just fine and tasted perfectly normal (Diet Coke will never taste above "normal", so as long as it doesn't taste bad it's "perfect").

The "burger" was pretty good honestly. There's a lot of issues with it but the overall taste I enjoyed. To start with there is two tomatoes. I decided to at least try it with both to see how the intended format of Protein Style was. Honestly, the two tomatoes gave it too much of a sour taste. Could have been bad tomatoes but I've never been one for two slices anyways. After taking one slice off the taste improved multiple times over. So what's wrong with the Protein Style then? It's messy. The sauce really has nowhere to go but down, so holding from the sides is a must. And the major issue is that since you don't have a warm bun surrounding everything the ingredients don't stay warm as long. Especially when you factor in that the warm bun has been replaced with lettuce that has ice in its very name. Also, taking out the bun makes it a bit less filling.

So will I ever get this again? Yes. But I will not get it at lunch when I am at work, as I don't get home before the hunger kicks in later in the day. Which maybe means more weekend trips and when I consider the fact that it tastes quite a bit different than a normal hamburger, we could be getting back to twice a week In-N-Out more often.

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