Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guest #72, your order is ready.

Rating: 9/10

So today I had my heart set on In-N-Out, meaning I had to turn down an invitation to The Counter from fellow co-workers. I like The Counter, but when I'm desiring In-N-Out I'll just end up disappointed.

And honestly, I made the right decision. Why? Because this was one of the best burgers I've had at In-N-Out. Almost everything about it was perfect. Perfect topping amounts, bun wasn't over toasted. Matter of fact the only thing I would say was wrong with the burger would be overdone edges. But had this meal been burger alone, it would be a 9.5/10. Instead the fries were also mostly great. I didn't add any S&P, which is like a once in every 30 visits type of event. But they were just a bit overdone.

I'd say two interesting things. First would be the guys next to me were talking about videogames and sex. I eavesdrop a lot in public (I get bored) and I was so confused by these two guys. Anyways, the other interesting thing would be #73 was called for like 5 minutes before the person showed up. It was a to go order and they walked around all the inside and outside calling the number and order description out. I wonder where that guy was that whole time? Maybe he REALLY had to go to the bathroom?

I've been really unlucky w/ duplicates lately. Looking at my photo history I think I've had 1 original # each of the last 4 months if you include February. Lets hope my remaining visits of this month prove fruitful.

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