Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest #99, your order is ready.


Rating: 9.9/10

And on the 289th day, it was told that he would receive one of the two most important numbers. And this number would be...number 99!

Also, I tried something different today again. Notice the receipt states "no_toast", meaning the bun was not toasted. Honestly though, I have to say In-N-Out Burger knows what they are doing toasting the bun. Sometimes it can be too hard or taste like a grilled cheese, but without it toasted the bun just feels doughy or something. Other than that the lettuce was kind of weak (i.e. not very green and not too much of it).

The fries were cooked pretty nicely, but of course needed some S&P. And the Diet Coke actually tasted slightly off. But hey, it wasn't the worst meal I've had. Warning, explicit language incoming

So I didn't see anything too interesting. Just a group of teenage school girls getting the In-N-Out hats and putting them on. I guess that's interesting.

So whose placing bets for when #1 happens? Well tonight this happens

Oh yeah, the real rating is only 8/10

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