Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guest #7, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.9/10

Went w/ mustard fried again. I honestly can't really taste it so I'm just going to keep ordering it until I do. The amount of lettuce on the burger was great. There was even only one tomato on it so I had very little "prep" work to do before eating. The one issue that nearly ruined the burger was the bun. They toasted it for way too long and around all of the edge it was not just toasted, but hard. It was unfortunate because otherwise it was one of the best In-N-Out burgers I have had.

The fries were also pretty good. They were cooked almost perfectly, not dry and overdone but not mushy either. They even had enough salt and pepper on them so that I didn't have to add any. And the soda was standard.

And there was absolutely nothing of interest during this trip. I can't recall anything about the people around me other than this one guy leaning on the counter right next to the stool I was sitting on. He was basically a foot away from me. I know it's there and you're waiting for your food, but I wish people wouldn't insist on being so close.

Oh yeah, this is the 40th original number! Only 59 more to go.

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