Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guest #92, your order is ready.

Rating: 9.1/10

Surprise super late Friday night update! And it was worth the trip considering the meal was tasty and it was an original number.

So, if you can see the picture you'll have noticed I went protein style again. You'll also notice two tomato slices. I promptly removed one of them. I'm really enjoying these protein style "burgers". This time the cheese was melted a bit more so it didn't just feel like a slice of cold cheese was put on there. Also felt like there was less secret sauce which might have normally meant less messy, but towards the end everything was just falling apart and being sloppy anyways. As far as the rating goes, the burger is what pushed it over a 9. It just tasted really good.

On the other hand you have the nicely cooked but horribly salted fries. And by that I mean there was little to no salt and absolutely no trace of pepper. I wonder what the pepper protocol at In-N-Out is, because sometimes there isn't even a single pepper flake and other times the fries are heavy on the pepper. Either way, if the fries were just a bit better I might have rated this meal a 9.5, but that lack of salt really killed the rating.

More interesting bits than I've had in recent visits. There was a homeless guy who came in and got a coffee. I feel like I've seen him there during other night time In-N-Out runs. Friday night is popular with the high school crowd. I'm pretty sure somebody that was dining in was yelling at somebody who was in the drive thru that they apparently knew. I guess that's it really.

I have a better picture of the receipt, but only 3/4 of the burger made it into that picture so I decided to post this one instead.

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