Saturday, April 16, 2011

Duplicates and Five Guys

So two quick notes prior to posting the next original #. First, I had a duplicate or two recently that I unfortunately forgot the numbers to. I'll have to find out what dates they were on so I can at least keep track of the number of visits.

Second, I tried Five Guys. It's a burger place that started on the east coast and has made its way west. People rave about it and for some reason compare to In-N-Out, despite the burgers and fries being drastically different. I'll keep my review of them quick. I liked the burger, had a different taste than In-N-Out and one I would eat again. Main differences being bacon and mayonnaise. The fries though were bottom of the barrel. They are much thicker than In-N-Out, already a minus for me. Plus they were just really bland and I had to use heavy amounts of ketchup to make them taste ok, even the "cajun" spiced ones.

So yeah, that's my quick update.

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