Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guest #65, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.75/10

Sadly I can't remember too many details about this meal, despite it being just two days ago. What I do remember is it tasted pretty good. You'll notice I went with a regular burger instead of protein style or no/light toast. The burger was nicely cooked with a good mix of everything, except maybe a bit too much secret sauce. The fries were pretty good and I don't think I had to put any salt or pepper on them. Though they did have a slightly off texture to them.

This was actually my 2nd trip since getting back from UK and it was almost as good as the first one. It also means it's my first original number in like a month. The interesting thing about this visit is something that I don't recall every happening to me before. When I went and got my burger then sat down I realized there were a ton of griller onions on it. I definitely do not order onions, ever, so for what I believe is the first time In-N-Out mixed up my order with somebody else's. I know they didn't mess up the order itself, as the receipt definitely shows WO, meaning without onions.

So yeah.

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