Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest #62, your order is ready.

Rating: 8.9/10

I don't want to quite put this at a score of 9, as it didn't really give me that "Wow this meal is delicious" feeling or taste. But it was still quite a bit better than usual. The fries only needed a little bit of pepper. The were pretty much perfectly cooked. The burger I don't think I would change a thing on. Diet Coke was as good as it can be. So yeah, why not a perfect 10 or even a 9? Like I said, it just didn't pop and taste like the perfect meal. But if it always tasted this good I would be very happy.

So...I left the burger in the wrapper for the picture. It just looked almost perfect sitting in the wrapper so I decided to mix it up. Plus there was only one tomato so I didn't need to remove one of them before taking the picture (as I usually like to "prep" the meal before the picture).

The only other interesting thing is that I attempted to go to this In-N-Out the day before this visit. But apparently the electricity was out on the corner of this intersection, as In-N-Out, Claim Jumper, McDonald's and whatever other restaurant is over there had the employees out front turning people away.

Oh yeah, and it had been a crazy 11 days since my previous visit. Why so long? I don't like to force In-N-Out, and for whatever reason I wasn't feeling it so I waited. Forcing the visit is likely to lead to getting tired of eating it, and that will be a sad and horrible day if it ever comes.

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