Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest #43, your order is ready.

Ratings: 8.8/10

No In-N-Out Burger isn't closed. And yes I still go every week. It has simply been almost two months since my last original number. So let's get this show on the road!

Burger - I've been mixing it up lately between regular and protein style (always w/ mustard fried though). Today I decided to go regular and I did not regret it. It was one of the better burgers I have probably had in months. Really there were only three specific things wrong (other than the double tomato but that doesn't count). First, the edges of the bun was too crispy. This is why I have tried light toast before but unfortunately I'm not a fan of that either. Second, there wasn't enough lettuce. I like a hefty amount of lettuce on my burger and there wasn't even enough to last the whole meal in this one. Lastly, the tomato was a bit hard. It didn't taste bad in any way though, just towards the center was a bit tougher than I like. Despite all of this though it was delicious and was probably the most mustard I've had on the burger since I've been ordering mustard fried.

Taste - 1.8 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.6 (out of 2)
Presentation - .8 (out of 1)

Fries - The fries were also some of the best I've had in a long time. I didn't put any salt or pepper on them, which rarely happens. They tasted great to me and I think the only thing that would have made it better is if they were a bit crispier on the outside. While they weren't all that crispy they also weren't too flimsy/mushy either, not like a wet noodle or anything.

Taste - 1.9 (out of 2)
Texture - 1.7 (out of 2)

Diet Coke - 1 (out of 1)

So this meal almost reached a 9 but couldn't quite get there. Sometimes I question how much I really like In-N-Out and then I have a meal like this and it reminds me why I go every week. So was there anything interesting this time? Nothing interesting really, but it was the first time sitting at the stools with more than just myself during a lunch visit. I like to get my seats quick so when I saw they stools were empty I just sat down. Sure we probably could have found a table eventually, but why hassle when you can just relax?

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